Successful Contests – How to Make Designers Love You

This is a summary of things that are traditionally important to Designers. 

Here are some hints for getting the most out of your contest as it progresses:
  • Your active participation will be a key factor to your contest's success.
  • Make sure your brief is clear and free of jargon.
  • Any visual attachments for reference should be clearly identified as your property or not. Images that contain stock art is most likely not your property and will result in confusion for designers and possible removal of preferred designs.
  • Give feedback to designers in their private area.
  • Update Designers with new ideas in the open comment area on the contest page. Update your brief if your update is very important. 
  • Rank new designs at least once each day. Ranking prevents your contest from going idle! Active contests attract more Designers.
  • If you are not liking designs, tell Designers why; offer specific but kindly worded reasons.
  • Marking designs "Not Interested" can be good. Designers like to know what you don't want – it helps them give you the design you do want.
  • If your contest requires complicated or detailed designs or illustrations it is recommend that you set the prize package to at least $400-500 for optimal results.  (Almost all Character contests fall into this category)