Logo Styles

Your preferred styles

Stating the styles of logo you are looking for is very important. If you are not interested in certain types, please ensure you click only the relevant check boxes. The following information has been included to help you provide extra information to Designers to give them a good starting point - feel free to include in your brief or comments area any points you feel relevant. 

Pictorial & Abstract Ideas

Give Designers key words or short phrases that they would consider as obvious ideas or ideas to use in relation to the design.

Example: Green Bear Financial

Keywords (be specific if you want combinations): bear standing, bear walking, finance bars, trend line, circles, mountain, enclosed in a square, forest 

Letterform Ideas
  • Letters combined within a graphic element (eg circle, square, oval, free form - mention specifically which).
  • Free-standing letters
  • Free-standing letters with an iconic element
  • Serif
  • Sans Serif
  • Slab
  • Italic
  • Sport
  • Script
  • Combinations of the above

Emblem Ideas: 
  • Shield (give examples of ones you like)
  • Circular 
  • Circular with teeth (eg. seal of approval)
  • Circular with Rectangle split for words
  • Ovular
  • Square / Rectangle (curved edges or sharp)
  • Text around
  • Text through middle
  • Flourishes - Designers may not use 'flourish fonts' or clipart to create flourishes
  • Imagery inside crest

Character Ideas:
  • Explain what you feel the character could our should be doing
  • Comic book style - Detailed
  • Graphic style - Simple 
  • 3D feel
  • 2D feel