The Sheepdog Society, LLC Logo Design Contest

The Sheepdog Society, LLC has selected their winning logo design.

For $300 they received 45 designs from 9 different designers from around the world.

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Logo Design Brief EditHide

United States


Supporting Those Who Protect The Flock

What We Do

A non-profit organization that supports education, training, and preparedness for law enforcement and educators on the topic of school-based violence by domestic and international terrorists.

Top Three Things to Communicate

#1 - Education/Knowledge/Training
#2 - Protection and Safety
#3 - Strength

Our Target Audience:

Educators (daycare through University level), Police Officers (local, state, national) and Military. This essay explains what The Sheepdog Society is all about. IT IS NOT A LOGO FOR AN ORGANIZATION ABOUT DOGS. 98% of the human population are SHEEP - they go about their business, they aren't agressive, they follow others, and when violence strikes they are scared and seek out SHEEPDOGS to protect their flock. 1% of the human population are WOLVES. They are violent, they don't have a conscience. They seek out sheep as easy targets and want to hurt them for their own gain. The remaining 1% of the human population are SHEEPDOGS. They walk the "perimeter" of the flock -- and seek out a "righteous" fight with evil. They aren't always liked by the Sheep they protect, but they will honor and safeguard the sheep flock at all cost -- including the loss of their own life. They hate wolves. The logo needs to have a tie-in to schools, violence, law enforcement, and education. It SHOULD NOT be "hardcore" military, but able to be EMBRACED BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC. You can learn more about this ideology by reading an essay here:

Color Preferences

Red, Green, Blue, Black, Purple

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

By reading this essay, you'll be able to understand that The Sheepdog Society is NOT about canines, but about awareness, education, news and training of educators and law enforcement on how to protect our citizenry (children=sheep) from foreign and domestic terrorism.




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United States
Hi Michael G - I remember the first contest you held for this organization, and out of curiosity (for the benefit of all designers who enter), I thought I'd ask what's prompted you to start over?

Did you have any problems with the logo you chose from the first contest? Did you learn anything from that experience that would help us this time around? Would you encourage designers to reenter concepts they entered the first time, or do you want to see completely new ideas?

Thanks so much, and good luck!
5 years ago
United States
Hi Lindsey -- the logo treatment I still have and I am currently using for the organization has what appears to be a wolf or sheepdog surrounding a has an Asian design type flair, which is nice.. The idea is dead on accurate, however the dog could be a wolf. Both representations are accurate (wolves are always surrounding sheep; sheepdogs watchover the sheep) but I thought I'd try again to see if I can gather any more entries that might reflect more of the sheepdog-as-guardian concept.

I will also be notifying those in the contest that they can drop the "LLC" from the name as I believe it becomes problematic with the designs.

Thanks for asking.
4 years ago
United States

Please note that you can remove the use of LLC in your designs. Please read my response to Lindsey above concerning my second entry of The Sheepdog Society into Logo Tournament.
4 years ago