Summer Night Lights Sacramento Logo Design Contest

Summer Night Lights Sacramento has selected their winning logo design.

For $400 they received 95 designs from 11 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief EditHide

Logo Design Brief EditHide

Mack Road Partnership
United States

What We Do

A summer program to build a healthier, more vibrant, less violent neighborhood through family, business and community involvement

Top Three Things to Communicate

#1 - It's cool to attend the program
#2 - Summer Night Lights is for everyone regardless of gender, race, age or religion
#3 - It's a safe place to come.

Our Target Audience:

The logo is aimed at a multicultural audience made up of teenagers (male and female) from 13-18, young families, and many single moms. It also needs to appeal to the business community as the logo will be used to solicit donations to fund the program.

Color Preferences

We are open to all colors but would like to see some orange worked in.

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

I have uploaded the logos from the entities that have been working on building the program as well as the logo from the successful similar program in Los Angeles.





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Contest Entries

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Mack Road Partne..
United States
Hello Designers,
Here is some other info that might help you:
* Using the star symbol in the designs for this area is not well received. It has been adopted by a local gang as a symbol.
* Sacramento has many nicknames. It is variously known as “the Camellia Capital of the World,” “River City,” and “City of Trees. Locals tend to call it Sac or Sactown.
* We have two rivers that converge as they run through town. They are the American and the Sacramento Rivers.
* The area of town where this program will reside is very culturally diverse.
* The name Sacramento was derived from the spanish word sacrament which meant a visible sign of inward grace.
* Sacramento is the Capitol of CA
1 year ago
Mack Road Partne..
United States
Hello Designers,
I"m hoping to see a few more designs. Please try to place the most emphasis on the words Summer Night Lights rather than the word Sacramento. The program will be held in our city, but the Summer Night Lights aspect is more important than the actual location. I'd still like to see Sacramento mentioned, but perhaps in a less prominent position than in the current submissions.

What I've seen so far it good, but I'm hoping to see something that really speaks to me. This is a program for families. It will be held outdoors and feature organized sports for all ages, music, and community building. Show me something cool!
1 year ago
Ivan F
Hi All,

The client has extended earlier than normal to allow for more ideas to flow in.
1 year ago