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For $375 they received 131 designs from 13 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief EditHide

Logo Design Brief EditHide

Karla Cantu

What We Do

Develop project management skills for individuals and organizations

Top Three Things to Communicate

#1 - Simple
#2 - Fun
#3 - Strategy and Experience

Our Target Audience:

Real Estate, Construction and Consulting Organizations that want to develop their project management skills. Project managers that want to improve project management skills.

Color Preferences

Black, Grey, Green, Yellow. A choice of two, one neutral and the other bright.




Pictorial Mark

Literal or representative imagery is used to symbolize the brand.

A badge that usually envelopes the logo
Famous Logos displayed under fair use to enrich the general public knowledge of graphic design




Contest Entries

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United States
Hello! Here are some hints for getting the most out of your contest as it progresses:

~~ You, the Client, are very important! Your active participation is the single greatest factor influencing this contest. Active participation by you, the Client, helps you get the logo design you want!
~~ What's active participation? It's updating the brief with more information for Designers to work with as the contest progresses, providing feedback to Designers on their entries when they're submitted, and ranking designs at least once a day.
~~ When you provide feedback to Designers, you increase the chances of getting the logo you want. More feedback = better results!
~~ Leave private feedback by clicking on a design. Feedback will be made public upon contest completion.
~~ Rank designs at least once each day -- this will encourage Designers to submit more entries!
~~ Ranking prevents your contest from going idle! Active contests attract more Designers.
~~ Ranking gets your contest noticed. Unless your contest is Private, 1st place entries are posted to the portfolio page:
~~ Please note: if you're asking for a design that will require several hours to create, to attract Designers willing to invest that amount of time the prize should be at least $400-$500. All "Character" style logos fall into this category.
~~ Designers are not offended by "Not Interested." We'd like to know what you don't want so we can give you the design you do want.
~~ The first phase of the contest is the "Open" phase, and everyone can submit during that time.
~~ After your contest's initial "Open" phase closes, it will enter the "Top 5" phase; only the top 5 ranked Designers will be able to submit revisions at that time.
~~ The "Top 5" Designers are the first 5 Designers in a contest, not the first 5 designs.
~~ When "Top 5" ends, the "Judging" phase begins. The Designer of the 1st place design will be the only Designer who can submit revisions at that time.

More detailed information on how to get the most out of your contest can be found here:

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2 years ago
Karla Cantu
Designers, i want to share some ideas with you:
1) I need a Logo that reflects simplicity, strategy and experience...
2) The colors are a suggestion, i am open to new ideas! i just like bold colors like the ones you see in a construction site.
3) Projects are made by people, i would like to highlight that...
4) Project management is an Art and a Science
5) I want to share ideas and best practices with other project managers
6) I want to develop project management skills by sharing a "playbook" of strategies like in football. I am the coach and the project managers are the ones playing the game.
I hope some of this ideas help.
hope this ideas help.
2 years ago
Karla Cantu
Thanks everyone for sharing your talent with us!, since we only have one more day for the contest i would like to see a different approach to the concept if it is possible... all the logos look very much alike i fell we might getting stuck a little bit.

Can you explore other ideas, like instead of letters focus on the simplification of a person? or something that reflects growing like a conceptual interpretation of a plant...

I just want to see something different!

thanks again for your participation, i look forward to see the incoming logos!!!!!

2 years ago
Karla Cantu
Hi designers...
I appreciate your participation, since 2 years ago i look forward to start my own company.
Thanks for being part of this dream.


2 years ago
Karla Cantu
Really like the new designs you are posting.. here is what so far is in my mind...

1) Love the idea of the Team collaborating, like a "team back" in a game. And the colored person is the same color in the word coach. Like the coach participating in the team.
2) I rather see de people not so rigid and no all the same... I think that communicate the soft side of the projects.
3) I put many excellent designs in the not interesting logos side, just because there are to many, and i would like to focus on the ones that in my perspective communicate the ideas #1 and #2

Thanks everyone!!! I am sure I still will be surprised with the incoming new logos!
2 years ago