New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS) Logo Design Contest


New England Tractor Trailer Training School (NETTTS) has selected their winning logo design.

For $575 they received 194 designs from 22 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief EditHide

Logo Design Brief EditHide

United States

What We Do

NETTTS has been providing commercial truck driver training for semi's and straight trucks for over 45 years

Top Three Things to Communicate

#1 - NETTTS provides high quality, hands-on professional training
#2 - seeking those who want to secure their future career
#3 - 45 year history of CDL training

Our Target Audience:

Men and women age 21+ (but predominately a male dominated career). Target demographic is usually not college educated adults who are looking to start a career to make better money than minimum wage jobs.

Color Preferences

Logo should be in black, grays & red only. Gradient usage okay.

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

Full school name is New England Tractor Trailer Training, but goes by the abbreviated NETTTS. Full school name not necessary in the logo.

Logo should keep the "road" feel to it, but does not have to be just an update of the current road. Client is looking for a newer, clean, modern look and feel. Please reference the 2 sample logos along with the original NETTTS logo.





Stylized type that may include small abstract or pictorial elements.
Pictorial Mark

Literal or representative imagery is used to symbolize the brand.
Abstract Mark

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Letterform Mark

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Contest Entries

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United States
Hello! Here are some hints for getting the most out of your contest as it progresses:

~~ You, the Client, are very important! Your active participation is the single greatest factor influencing this contest. Active participation by you, the Client, helps you get the logo design you want!
~~ What's active participation? It's updating the brief with more information for Designers to work with as the contest progresses, providing feedback to Designers on their entries when they're submitted, and ranking designs at least once a day.
~~ When you provide feedback to Designers, you increase the chances of getting the logo you want. More feedback = better results!
~~ Leave private feedback by clicking on a design. Feedback will be made public upon contest completion.
~~ Rank designs at least once each day -- this will encourage Designers to submit more entries!
~~ Ranking prevents your contest from going idle! Active contests attract more Designers.
~~ Ranking gets your contest noticed. Unless your contest is Private, 1st place entries are posted to the portfolio page:
~~ Please note: if you're asking for a design that will require several hours to create, to attract Designers willing to invest that amount of time the prize should be at least $400-$500. All "Character" style logos fall into this category.
~~ Designers are not offended by "Not Interested." We'd like to know what you don't want so we can give you the design you do want.
~~ The first phase of the contest is the "Open" phase, and everyone can submit during that time.
~~ After your contest's initial "Open" phase closes, it will enter the "Top 5" phase; only the top 5 ranked Designers will be able to submit revisions at that time.
~~ The "Top 5" Designers are the first 5 Designers in a contest, not the first 5 designs.
~~ When "Top 5" ends, the "Judging" phase begins. The Designer of the 1st place design will be the only Designer who can submit revisions at that time.

More detailed information on how to get the most out of your contest can be found here:

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