Napa Sonoma Wine and Food Festival Logo Design Contest

Napa Sonoma Wine and Food Festival has selected their winning logo design.

For $500 they received 167 designs from 32 different designers from around the world.

Logo Design Brief EditHide

Logo Design Brief EditHide

United States

What We Do

A first annual four-day festival Sonoma, California, USA, October 14th to the 17th, 2010, featuring wine and food tastings and lifestyle experiences. Hosted by the Legendary CornerStone Place in partnership with Relevé Unlimited of Napa Sonoma, California

23570 Arnold Drive, Sonoma, California

Top Three Things to Communicate

#1 - Grassroots event dedicated to food, wine and lifestyle experiences in a very unique & intimate setting
#2 - An event that is classy/professional in it's production and fun/legendary in it's delivery/experiences to the attendees
#3 - Longevity (event will be held twice each year) and applicable to both Fall and Spring time/seasons, as there will be two festivals each year.

Our Target Audience:

47% Female, 53% Male. Average age range is 38 - 50 yrs. Most event attendees will be from the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles/Orange County area and locals in the Napa/Sonoma area. Upper Middle Class to Affluent with College Education. Area of interests are wine, fine food, cooking, gardening, interior design, fashion, music, art, travel. Generally an active lifestyle. Enjoy outdoor experiences. Social. Attending event as a couple or with groups of friends traveling together. Event tends to be part of a planned weekend getaway.

Color Preferences

Prefer to see logo designs submitted in B & W to start.

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

This event will be held at CornerStone Sonoma for 2010. Cornerstone SHOULD NOT be mentioned at all in the logo design. Cornerstone is NOT the client. The contest holder owns and produces the Festival. Visit to see the event venue for reference.

The logo design will 'brand' this internationally exposed Festival, and will be used to identify the Napa Sonoma Wine and Food Festival for the years to come, regardless of the location venue.

The brand should be iconically strong and reflect the international brandability of the destination Napa and the destination Sonoma, both of which are known the globe over as food, wine, and lifestyle destinations.

Simplicity is key in defining the Emblem brand. Simplicity will further support the Wordmark that compliments the Emblem component.

Wine glasses, plates, utensils, wine bottles, grapes, and other 'familiar' images are in large part trite, tired, cliche and won't be considered. Abstractions, or contemporary intrepreations of these tired images might be interesting. Or a new image all together that will be part of the modern definition of the wine culture globally, and of these wine and food destinations regionally and locally is where the true challenge rests and what will separate the winning designer of this competition over the masses submitting imagery seen a thousand times already.

Good luck!





Stylized type that may include small abstract or pictorial elements.

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Contest Entries

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United States
Greetings! The use of a wine glass, wine bottle, etc is overused. If you research the huge array of wine and food festivals in the USA you'll see this trend in almost all the logos - a wine glass or a wine bottle, clusters of grapes, etc... This festival is about wine, of course, but also food, fashion, farming trends, and lifestyle. The four day festival will host national celebrity chefs, designers in fashion, interior and garden genres, and will attract a 'public figure' component that will be measurably celebrated in national and international media. This is a unique, lifestyle cult event. If you're not looking at the CornerStone website you're not getting it!

This logo needs to stand the test of time - regardless of where this event is held. CornerStone is so unique and it is setting the trend for the Festival in years to come.

Thank you!
5 years ago
United States
Much Better!

With regard to #1 - we cannot have a napa or sonoma preference. All is equal. We are not political and we are not dramatic. There is already enough politic and drama between the two growing regions. This is an event that celebrates the entire destination and the lifestyle and viticulture. That said, there's a lovely quality to the swirlng wine seen from above. In the width of the utensils, there is a subtlety in creating an N. Overall it feels balanced and stronger than what we've seen so far.

# 2 - the fork is too 'big'... to bold... but the idea of this abstracted fork like sunset defining the rows of a vineyard with the sweeping mountains in the back, all squarely defined in a bold box with simple but bold lettering is intriguing.

# 3 - The simplicity of this is nice. Its not a winner, but its very clear. And we're not in France. Drop the French flag/stripes/color imagery. We're in the United States and this is a US brand and proudly so. Not that we want to see an American flag - we're not looking to be political/patriotic/republican, but it might be interesting in an abstracted manner... this could become ' America's Wine Festival '

# 4 - Clean, bold, grassroots. Its nice.

# 5 - Clean, bold, haute cuisine. Again, its nice.

# 6 - Clean, bold. The strength and abstraction of this feels nice.

# 7 - If this logo could capture the qualities in number 1 and number 2, there might be something there...

5 years ago
United States
Thank you for your continued efforts.

The currently ranked # 1 has hit it on the head! The imagery is iconic and subtle while maintaining a simplicity that is strong. The swirling of the wine connotes many other types of imagery - wind, water, music... This is the most sophisticated image we've seen so far. The transferability to merchandise and other purposes is uncertain in its being able to maintain its strength. Well done though! This should inspire the other designers for the 'truth' of what we're looking for in an image to capture this event.

# 2, 3, 4 & 5 are all good logos. They each are literal. Veer a bit more toward the obvious. And as such lack a certain sophistication as a global branded logo. But each of them capture in their simplicity and strength the message we're looking to give this event.

We're almost to the deadline. Comments will be provided in the morning at 1000 am pacific time and again at 300 pm pacific time tomorrow afternoon leading up to the competition closing.

We are tremendously grateful for your creativity and work. Thank you!
5 years ago