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For $325 they received 312 designs from 48 different designers from around the world.

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United States


Find That Perfect Job. Today.

What We Do

We help match users to the right job -- whether it's full- or part-time work, a new job or a new career. matches you, perfectly ever time.

Top Three Things to Communicate

#1 - Clean & Professional
#2 - Responsible
#3 - Trustworthy

Our Target Audience:

Wide base audience of internet users, primarily 18-44 years old. 60% female. 40% male. High school education. Looking for their next job or career.

Color Preferences

Turquoise, blue, red, green (not all, but any of those are fine). Any color that will show up well as a web logo on a landing page for a URL.





Stylized type that may include small abstract or pictorial elements.
Famous Logos displayed under fair use to enrich the general public knowledge of graphic design




Contest Entries

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United States
#6 -- like the hat scheme alot, though the 3 tones (green, turquose, aqua) may be excessive...would love to see a version with just 2 colors in the hates;
#2 -- love to see one with a simple text instead of the graded color scheme and a flatter hat versus 3d-esque;
#4 -- really like the concept but not the font. would love to see a few more iterations;
#13 -- like the font, don't really like the JH turning into the hat. would love to see another iteration;
#8 -- not a fan of the faded dark to light colors or the all caps. would love to see some versions with the letters in large and small sizes;
#7 -- again here with the 3 colors...would love to see a simpler version -- not sure how much of a fan I am of the ring concept;
#11 -- design seems very busy. thick letters. many hats. would love something cleaner and simpler.
5 years ago
United States
#38 - Would love to see some variations in thickness in the font. Something slightly fatter and beefier. And some versions with and without the tagline, and also with the tagline extending across the whole width of the title, and the whole width of the title plus the logo. And potentially playing with the color(s) of the logo/tagline.

#25 - Would love to see some variations with and without .com. And playing with the thickness of the font. Would also like to see some variations in the thickness/weights of the lines in the hat/magnifying glass.

#4 -- Would love to still see some variations in the font.

All -- still open to concepts that don't literally use the hat and just use some nice typography.
5 years ago
United States
#79 -- really like the concept, but not the specific hat (looks too much like a leprechaun) and not the font.

#82 -- Really like the concept -- a few things: 1) the tagline's not right, 2) the font's odd, 3) would love to see in a few different color schemes (and definitely the blue/green schema) instead of blue/red;

#69 -- would like to see a less wide H and a more stylized version of the hat (flatter, and thicker broader brush strokes).

#38 -- still looking for different fonts.

#25 -- still looking for different fonts and different weights on the hat/magnifying glass.
5 years ago
United States
We're going to end the contest in 24 hours (when the timer indicates there are two days left), so I wanted to leave a few comments for some of our top choices.

#57 - magnifying glass is a bit too big and towers over the name of the site. maybe line it up more with the site name.

#84 - I like this font, but it'd be good to see the hat and tie both on the O, like in #64.

#88 - it seems like there might be too many characters and/or the front character is too large. it just seems like there is a little too much going on.

#114 - i like the reflection here, and i like how #117 has a little less techy-ness to it, but it's still might be a little too horizontal.
5 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. Please rank new entries.
5 years ago
Please review new entries....

5 years ago
United States
#158 logo: like the concept, but the color scheme could be improved. Maybe try a mix of blue and green instead of just blue. Changing the hex for the blue to something like: #007db9 and maybe a green that compliments this color like: #83ce00
#96/#25 logos: hat is too far from the text. Shadow below hat should be shade of gray and not green. Typography should be different...less like comic sans. Same holds true for the font used on #54
#148/#147/#142 logos: a little too tech oriented. I like the font used on #147, followed by #142...don’t like the font on #148. Maybe the designer can do something better with the pixel hat or replace it with something else that appeals to more of a general audience.
#145: the idea is decent, but the end result doesn’t come together like it should. Something about the shine on the hat, along with the color scheme that looks off. Also the height of the tie creates a lot of negative space below the logo. That space makes it difficult to fit in various layout schemes.
#38: font works just fine. Hats look good enough. This one is okay from the standpoint that is looks general enough to appeal across a broad audience and does a decent job of representing the brand. Nothing spectacular, but not too shabby, either.
#88 ranked logo: I kind of like this one for some reason. We had talked about having the designer resize the figures to make them less prominent. That might help bring it together. Logo text color is a bit bland, too. That could be improved as well by adding some color.
#130 logo: looks too much like “where in the world is Carmen San Diego”, and the color scheme isn’t great.
#114 logo: cool idea, but too tech oriented. Also not particularly fond of the color scheme. Maybe using a different color set, and, different font family might help to bring it together.
5 years ago
Bosnia and Herzegovina
You have asked for different font for no#4, I have submit new ideas! Thanks for suggestions!
5 years ago