International Criminal Investigative Analysis Fellowship (ICIAF) Logo Design Contest

International Criminal Investigative Analysis Fellowship (ICIAF) has selected their winning logo design.

For $250 they received 82 designs from 17 different designers from around the world.

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What We Do

The International Criminal Investigative Analysis Fellowship (ICIAF) is an organization dedicated to the training and support of law enforcement psychological and geographic profilers.

Top Three Things to Communicate

#1 - professionalism
#2 - criminal investigative assistance
#3 - training

Our Target Audience:

Law enforcement personnel

Color Preferences

no preference

Our Ideas and Additional Information:

The International Criminal Investigative Analysis Fellowship (ICIAF) operates as the training and certification body for police profilers. The ICIAF also establishes standards for conducting assessments and providing expert testimony. The mission of the ICIAF is to provide quality criminal investigative analysis services to law enforcement agencies internationally.

The ICIAF is comprised of two divisions, the criminal profiling and geographic profiling divisions, and is governed by one Executive Board. Membership consists of 112 members from 14 states, the FBI, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Netherlands. The ICIAF has 69 certified police profilers and FBI agents from the NCAVC, and 7 criminal profiling understudies. There are 8 certified geographic profilers and 4 geographic profiling understudies. The ICIAF has 23 Affiliate members from the forensic psychiatric, forensic psychology and forensic pathology communities. The affiliate members provide their services, free of charge, to include case consultations and research relating to this field.





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The logo we have been using is a hand holding the earth, but it appears outdated. If anyone is interested in attempting an update to this logo, we'd be interested in seeing it. An abstract representation of this would be interesting...
5 years ago